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A Guy Tries to Get Rid of Bedbugs and Lights Himself on Fire

I totally understand that if you have bedbugs, you want to take swift and decisive action to get rid of them.  But just take 30 seconds to come up with a game plan, or you could wind up like this.  A guy in Detroit found bedbugs in his apartment last week, and immediately went at them HARD.  First, he poured alcohol on himself and his couch, to try to kill the bugs.

Would You Spend $100 on a Donut?

If your New Year’s resolutions were to lose weight and save money, there’s a Filipino restaurant in Brooklyn, New York that REALLY wants you to break both of them simultaneously.  The Manila Social Club just introduced a new item, a $100 DONUT. 
Here’s how they justify the price.  The donut is filled with a mix of mousse and champagne jelly, the icing is made out of Cristal champagne, and the top is covered in 24-karat gold flakes.
The owner of Manila Social Club says they’re actually selling, and people aren’t just buying one.  “I didn’t know people would go and order a dozen at a time.  But then again, it is New York, and there are people willing to put down a grand for a dozen donuts.”