Jeremih Moved Out Of ICU Amid COVID-19 Battle

R&B singer Jeremih – real name Jeremy Felton– has been transferred out of the ICU at a Chicago hospital after experiencing complications due to COVID-19.  According to his mother, 33-year-old Jeremih was at her Chicago home when he suddenly felt sick and went to lie down for a minute.  His mom Gwenda Starling said, “A couple of hours later he was calling me saying, ‘Mom, I need to go to the hospital.’ All of a sudden he couldn’t walk. He was barely walking. He was holding his stomach.” 

Jeremih was diagnosed with COVID-19 and his health quickly deteriorated.  He’s been in a Chicago hospital since Nov. 5. Said Starling, “Things seemed like, all of a sudden, to attack his body. That virus viciously attacked every organ in his body. His body was shutting down and they were telling me every day for a week that he just wasn’t getting better.”

Jeremih is Starling’s only son, and he has two young sons of his own. This weekend finally saw Jeremih’s health improve, as he was able to come off the ventilator and was moved to a regular hospital room.

Jeremih’s family reveals he’s been transferred out of ICU amid COVID battle


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