Roddy Ricch Accused Of Owing $200K In Back Rent

Roddy Ricch is facing a lawsuit alleging he owes $200,000 in back rent and damages. According to The Blast, a lawsuit filed by California company AIM Property Investment, Inc. claims Roddy incurred the damages for an Encino home he signed a one-year lease for at the beginning of April. 

The lawsuit states that Roddy breached the terms of his tenancy agreement after the landlord accused him of failing to pay rent on the first of the month for July and the months following. Roddy is also being accused of failing to return the property in its original condition, in addition to causing, ‘General,’ and ‘Consequential,’ damage to the home. 

Roddy Ricch Sued By Ex-Landlords For Owing $200K In Rent: Report