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  • 10 Songs Where Guest Rappers Stole The Show

    Guest verses have always been a part of hip-hop, but they’ve grown in popularity over the years for a number of reasons: they put new talent in people’s ears, they keep established rappers sharp, and they keep the slightly gladiatorial element of competition between performers alive in an era when freestyle battle raps are seen as slightly antiquated. Read More
  • Getting Over An Ex? Big Sean Has An App For That

    When Big Sean made his incendiary banger, “I Don’t F—k With You,” he knew that his fans could understand where he was coming from. We all have those feelings about a certain someone from time to time, so the G.O.O.D. Music rapper took that shared experience to another level with his new App. Read More
  • Questionable Research Says Beyonce's Music Is for Dumb People, and Counting Crows Music Is for Geniuses

    Beyoncé's music is for DUMB people, while the Counting Crows are for GENIUSES. Or it is according to the results of a questionable new survey. Someone took the average SAT and ACT test scores of various colleges and compared them to the students' musical tastes at that school. They crunched the data, and spit out a graph that supposedly shows what young people of different intellects are listening to. Read More