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Is French Montana’s ‘MC4’ Overrated?
“While Montana by no means offers up any profound lyrical executions on MC4, he clearly has fun doing what he’s doing and is finally learning to master the role he’s developed for himself. Perhaps he never wanted
Tory Lanez, I Told You So: Album Review
Have you bought Tory’s album yet? “They say a rapper spends their entire life writing their first album and even though Toronto’s Tory Lanez’ has released 15 mixtapes and one EP since 2009, his official studio debut

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Four Back-to-School Tips for Parents
It’s back-to-school time, so here are four tips to keep any parents out there from going crazy . . .   1.  Be on time.  Research shows being late or absent a lot from school can have
Your Coffee Addiction May Be in Your DNA
A new study out of Scotland found that your COFFEE ADDICTION may be in your DNA.  The researchers found a gene that seems to determine whether people are big coffee drinkers or not.   They say that