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  • A Homeless Man Was Arrested for Stalking Rihanna

    A 53-year-old homeless creep was arrested for stalking and harassing pop superstar Rihanna by hand-delivering eerie letters to her SoHo pad, the Daily News has learned. Read More
  • Sean Kingston's Lamborghini Repoed!

    Let's all take a moment to congratulate Sean Kingston on his repo hat trick, because Sunday night in Hollywood, he got a third car repossessed.   Read More
  • Fashion Police Slam Selena Gomez

    As if Selena Gomez didn't have enough to worry about these days with Justin Bieber seemingly hooking up with every model on two legs, now comes this: Joan Rivers and the mean people of E! Fashion Police have called out the artist for the sheer ensemble she donned at this month's Ischia Film Festival in Italy. Read More