A Drunk Driver’s Fake I.D. Said He Was Eight Feet Tall

Cops haven’t said what the fake name was on this guy’s I.D., but we’re thinking maybe “Bigfoot”.

A drunk driver got pulled over in Rock Rapids, Iowa on Sunday after a cop saw his 2016 Ford Focus swerving all over the road.

And when he handed them his I.D., they knew it was fake, because it listed his height as EIGHT FEET TALL.  The tallest living person in the world is 8-foot-3, and the tallest ever was 8-foot-11.)

The driver was 33-year-old Joel Villeda, who’s actually 5-foot-8.  He failed a sobriety test and flunked the breathalyzer too.  He also had an open beer in his cupholder, and a six-pack of Corona in the back seat.

They also found a folded $1 bill with white powder in it that he admitted was meth.

Turns out he needed the fake I.D. because he doesn’t have a driver’s license, and was wanted for not appearing in court for a previous drunk driving charge.


(N’West Iowa / The Smoking Gun)