Gym Bros Are Now Eating Dog Food for Protein?

Every now and then you hear about someone eating dog food.  Maybe it was an accident, maybe it’s a stunt to sell something, or maybe it’s a more serious survival thing.

But this is just dumb:  There’s apparently a trend of GYM BROS on social media eating dog food, just for the high levels of protein.

One of them is a “fitness influencer” named Henry Clarisey.  He tried a bowl of “Kibbles ‘n Bits Oven Roasted Beef, with Spring Vegetable and Apple Flavors.”  (It’s part of Kibbles ‘n Bits’ “Bistro” line, which, okay.)

He couldn’t handle it, and spit some of it out.  He told his followers, “it’s not worth it.”  He later said, “It tasted extremely dry.  I needed so much water after eating it.  It tasted like little pieces of dirt.”

Now that the idea is trending others are posting videos, but for now, it seems like more people are doing it for attention than as an ACTUAL source of protein.

(Here’s Henry’s video., but warning, there’s profanity in it)


(Buzzfeed News)