A Guy Pulled a Gun at Little Caesars, Because His “Hot-N-Ready” Pizza Wasn’t Hot and Ready

Little Caesars has six-dollar “Hot-N-Ready” pizzas, where you don’t have to wait.  You just walk in, and they usually have plenty.  The crucial part of that statement being USUALLY.

A 63-year-old guy in Knoxville named Charles Doty Jr. walked into a Little Caesars around 9:00 P.M. on Friday to get a Hot-N-Ready pizza.  But there weren’t any.  The cashier told him he’d have to wait ten minutes for one.  So Charles got VERY upset, demanded free bread sticks, and went outside to wait.

It’s not clear if he waited the full ten minutes or not.  But he made sure he got his pizza when he came back in, by arming himself with an assault rifle.  (The reports we saw claim it was an AK-47.)

He walked in with a gun, pointed it at an employee named Kimberleigh Smith, and said, “I WANT MY PIZZA.”  Then another employee tried to leave, but Charles stopped him and said, “Where do you think YOU’RE going.”

A customer in front of him ended up giving him her pepperoni pizza to diffuse the situation.  So he was gone by the time cops got there, but they tracked him down.

He’s facing four counts of aggravated assault.  Plus one count of aggravated kidnapping, probably because he wouldn’t let the employee leave.  One report said he could face 15 to 60 YEARS in prison.

(Here’s a mugshot.)