There’s a George Costanza-Themed Bar in Australia

It’s been over 16 years since “Seinfeld” went off the air, but the show’s still a part of pop culture, even in Australia.


A George Costanza-themed bar opened in Melbourne on New Year’s Eve.  It’s called George’s Bar, and it includes menu items with George-themed names like The Art Vandalay, The Summer of George, and Marisa Tomei.


The front doors have two of George’s quotes:  “‘It’s not a lie if you believe it,’ and ‘Everyone must like me.  I must be liked.'”


Jason Alexander isn’t involved, but he’s heard about it.  He Tweeted,  “That’s right. I may not have an Emmy, but I got me a bar in Melbourne, Australia.  G’day, mates.”


(Here’s a cocktail menu from the bar, the “Sydney Herald” has more information, and just for fun, here’s a George Costanza montage.)