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54% of People Put Ketchup on Eggs, Plus Five More Stats on Our Egg Eating Habits

I remember when I was a kid and I heard about people putting ketchup on eggs.  I thought it sounded weird, then I tried it, and I never went back to ketchup-less eggs again.  And apparently, that means I’m NORMAL.  According to a new survey by Buzzfeed, 54% of people put ketchup on their eggs at least some of the time.  It’s actually MORE common than putting hot sauce on ’em.

The Five Most Common White Lies Parents Tell

The key to being a parent is teaching your kids to be honest, while you’re lying to their faces CONSTANTLY.  It’s a delicate balance.  A new survey found the five most common white lies parents tell.  Check ’em out . . .

Your Boss Will Judge You If Your Desk Is Too Messy, Or Too Clean?

I don’t think anyone would be surprised that it can be unprofessional to have a super messy desk.  But you might not see THIS one coming:  It also might be unprofessional to have a desk that’s too CLEAN.  A new survey found 54% of bosses say it’s a red flag when one of their employees’ desks is too messy.  But 10% say they’re suspicious of an employee whose desk is too CLEAN.