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Joshua Jackson Replaces Jamie Dornan in Peacock Network’s ‘Dr. Death’ Series

Joshua Jackson has joined Peacock’s Dr. Death series in the title role.  Actor Jamie Dornan had originally been cast as Dr. Christopher Duntsch in the series based on the hit Wondery podcast of the same name, but due to production delays caused by the pandemic, Dornan can no longer make the filming requirements work for his schedule and NBCUniversal had to recast the role. Jackson was announced as the new star of Dr. Death on Monday.

Gal Gadot To Star As Cleopatra In Film From ‘Wonder Woman’ Director Patty Jenkins

“Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot will reteam with director Patty Jenkins to bring Cleopatra back to the big screen. The two have hired “Alexander” and “Shutter Island” writter Laeta Kalogridis to script the project. The biopic is apparently the brainchild of Gadot and her production company Pilot Wave. The project is reportedly on an “accelerated timetable” as studios try to recover from the hits that the film industry has taken due to the coronavirus pandemic.