A Family Lights Candles to Ward Off Evil Spirits, and Burns Down Their Home

I’m pretty sure this family isn’t going to mess with EVIL SPIRITS again, because the score now stands at Evil Spirits 1, Family 0.  A family in Costa Mesa, California held a ceremony on Tuesday night to ward off evil spirits, which involved lighting a bunch of candles.


And, they accidentally burned down their house.


Firefighters were able to put it out within 20 minutes to keep it from spreading and fortunately, no one was injured.  But I’m thinking no evil spirits were injured either, so it was NOT mission accomplished.


And they’re not the only people to have BIG trouble playing with fire this week.  A 46-year-old guy in Dowagiac, Michigan was trying to burn a bees’ nest on Wednesday when, somehow, he accidentally set HIMSELF on fire.


He was airlifted to the hospital to be treated for burns.


(Los Angeles Times / MLive)