A 19-Year-Old Won $500,000 in the Lottery, and Gave It to His Parents

This isn’t what most 19-year-olds would do in this situation.  But hey, maybe your kids appreciate you more than you realize.  A 19-year-old kid in Michigan recently bought a $10 lottery ticket at a gas station near Lansing, and hit the jackpot for HALF-A-MILLION BUCKS.


And believe it or not, he DOESN’T want to blow it all on limos and jet skis.  Instead, he’s planning to invest about $5,000 of it, and says he’s giving the rest of the money to his PARENTS.


He wants to remain anonymous, so his name hasn’t been released.  But he says the money will take a huge weight off their shoulders.  And they deserve it for everything they’ve done for him growing up.


(Lansing State Journal)